Connect, Reflect and Plant Seeds

Class of 2020: March 29-31, 2019

The future of jobs in the era of machine learning and artificial intelligence require relational skills – how to build strong, healthy, productive relationships. This dynamic 2-day experience under the stars of the desert at Joshua Tree National Park. We will introduce students to three core skills that people need to succeed in college and beyond: 1) Transformative communication – How do you have conversations that win people over? How do you deal with conflict in a way that uplifts all people and resolves difficult situations? How do you become most persuasive and influential? How do you stand up for yourself with confidence and strength, without being a jerk? 2) Social and emotional intelligence – It’s not enough to have academic intelligence. Often it’s more important in the world to be able to play well with others – to develop strong relationships and connections; and 3) Empathy – Specifically, one of the most important parts of social and emotional intelligence is being able to step into other people’s shoes – to understand the perspectives of people who come from diverse backgrounds, viewpoints, and life experiences. How do you most effectively gain this skill?