• Hacking it up with Zach Latta
    October 18, 2019 Zach Latta with CMC Professor Jeho Park and two local high school students. A mother walks into the living room to find her 6-year-old son disassembling her computer, with a genuine intention to figure out how it all works. At the age of 7, the boy created his first website, and at the age of 17, he was part of Forbes 30 Under 30. He made it to the list as the founder of Hack Club, a non-profit network of coding clubs that is currently in 2% of high schools across America. This is Zach Latta, an entrepreneur who figured out from a small age that, in his words, “the world around us is built by people like you and me”. Zach was Kravis Lab’s guest for the Dinner with World Changer Series hosted Thursday 10/11. While students, faculty, and guests, includ [...]
  • A Creative Reaction to Social Injustice
    October 10, 2018 Antionette Carroll, Founder, President and CEO, of Create Reaction Lab, speaks to a CMC student. It is said that our weaknesses are our greatest strengths. The Kravis Lab for Social Impact invited Antoinette Carroll to speak to our community about being a social entrepreneur, including all the challenges, successes, and failures she has faced in her career. From a career in marketing to moving into the nonprofit sector, Antoinette has been able to turn her disadvantages into opportunities for herself and others. Her organization, Creative Reaction Lab, is centered around Racial Equity by Design. During this Dinner with World Changers with Antoinette, held on Oct. 4, 2018, students were able to have an intimate discussion and ask questions about a variety of subje [...]
  • SLE 2018
    September 21, 2018 Students participating in high ropes course. This past weekend, 100 sophomores, including myself, were shuttledup to Big Bear for the annual Kravis Lab Sophomore Leadership Experience (SLE)! The weekend consisted of countless cups of hot cocoa, late night swims in the lake, high ropes courses, and plenty of legendary dance battles. However, among the craziness of the weekend, we learned many important and meaningful lessons. One of the most impactful lessons we learned is how to fight imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome describes the inability to accept your success and accomplishments due to feeling like a fraud. Even though there may be clear indicators of your competence, you will strongly believe that you somehow do not deserve the success you have earned. [...]
  • Moonshot Mozambique
    September 7, 2018 View from hotel in Mozambique On a remote island in Mozambique, twenty-six people took steps towards changing the world. This August, I had the opportunity to attend Kravis Lab for Social Impact’s Moonshot House on the Machangulo Peninsula in Mozambique as a student assistant. I was tasked with supporting thirteen Moonshot fellows, selected from a pool of Echoing Green applicants. These thirteen entrepreneurs have poured themselves into creating social enterprises with the potential to change the world, tackling issues ranging from water contamination to gender equality. The program was housed in a magnificent beachfront villa on the island, which served as the perfect venue for the social entrepreneurs to unwind and relax, and to work on their various ven [...]
  • Learning to Thrive
    September 30th, 2018 Brittany Dejean Brittany Dejean is an Echoing Green Fellow and founder of AbleThrive, an online platform built to empower people with disabilities. On September 27, Kravis Lab hosted a conversation with her. To understand, as much as we can, the impact Brittany Dejean has on the disabled community and on the many communities she is a part of and an ally to, we have to understand her background. When she was younger, her father and younger brother got into a car accident. Her brother died and her father became quadriplegic. Her father’s recovery was slow, but due to a supportive family and healthcare staff, was guaranteed. With physical therapy, he gained mobility in some of his limbs. He is in a chair now, but has full autonomy. Brittany began to learn that [...]

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