Moonshot House – International


Over the past two years, we have created four Moonshot Houses, which have brought students and social innovators from around the world to gather in Mozambique and in Thailand.

What is a Moonshot?
Like the Apollo mission of the 1960s, a Moonshot is a bold, visionary goal to do something unprecedented in human history. While the NASA initiative of the 1960s was about putting a man on the moon, today a Moonshot Goal is about dramatically improving life on Earth: creating an innovative initiative that will make life better for at least 100 million people.

What was the purpose of the Moonshot House?
The Moonshot House is part of Claremont McKenna College’s mission to offer the world’s best program in social innovation and impact. Each year, we took 25 aspiring social entrepreneurs – each with an audacious idea to benefit tens of millions of lives. With the assistance of the unparalleled resources of CMC, we helped accelerate and incubate their ideas. Just as venture capitalists in Silicon Valley look for the “unicorns” that will become the next billion-dollar company, we were looking to develop the “unicorns of progress” – the people who will change the world in the 21st century.

What were the benefits?
CMC students played an essential role at the Moonshot House. They served as the apprentices to the 25 visionary leaders with bold ideas to make the world a better place.

In other words, it was an unprecedented opportunity: CMC students helped with the most promising startup companies that could have massive social impact – companies that had been carefully selected from among thousands of applicants.

Moonshot Fellows and CMC students join other leaders catalyzing change for our signature program, Moonshot House International, in partnership with Echoing Green. Part bootcamp, part decelerator, and part braintrust, Moonshot Fellows receive social impact support led by our multi-award winning team of Echoing Green and alum.

The 2019 International Moonshot House was hosted in Thailand.

The 2018 International Moonshot House was hosted in Mozambique. Enjoy an article written by one of the participants about his key takeaways!