Success Programs

Three Program Pillars

Kravis Lab for Social Impact offers unique experiential and experimental opportunities for students, community members and emerging social entrepreneurs to unleash their potential as responsible leaders, agents of change and conscious global citizens.

1. CORE SKILLS FOR SUCCESS – Helping students learn the essential skills for success as Changemakers: We have identified 9 central skills that are rarely taught in schools, but which are necessary for people to cause change in whatever they do and whereever they choose to do. We train students in these skills; we challenge students to practice evidence -based and -informed interventions, and measure their progress and growth. Our ultimate goal is for all students to strengthen their potential as responsible leaders. 

2. COMMUNITY IMPACT – Making the community a better place: We tap into the students’ strengths and talents to help benefit organizations that are “socially profitable.” In other words, students don’t just learn about the problems of the world; they become active problem-solvers, working with community members to create and track progress towards a better world.

3. SOCIAL INNOVATION – Designing innovative initiatives to benefit tens of millions of lives: At the highest level, we encourage and train entrepreneurial students who wish to create bold, visionary plans that could transform the world. This part of our program isn’t for everyone. We are looking for those special students who want to pursue launching their own social impact venture.