The Kravis Lab fulfills CMC’s mission of preparing students for thoughtful and productive lives and responsible leadership in business, government, and the professions by creating learning opportunities, enrichment experiences and individual projects that promote civic understanding, public participation, and meaningful civic engagement. Our programs build the knowledge, habits, and skills needed to be an effective, responsible, and engaged member of a democratic society while enabling students to create sustainable strategies for societal change. Our activities fall into three program areas – Civics, Citizenship & Sustainable Change

In practice, there are pillars to the program:

  1. C.I.V.E.S
    Claremont Initiative for Voter Engagement Strategies
  2. Student Connection
    Impact our local community by working with trained college volunteers with K-12 students for free one-on-one peer tutoring
  3. Kravis Lab Recruiters
    Promoting student-led programs at K-lab with a focus on civics, responsible citizenship, and sustainable change. Welcoming students for paid, volunteered, or internship positions, and embracing their ideas to tailor programs to their interests..


Core Skills For Success

Community Impact

Social Innovation

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