The Kravis Lab for Civic Leadership fulfills Claremont McKenna College’s mission of preparing students for thoughtful and productive lives and responsible leadership in business, government, and the professions. We provide experiences and programming that build and enhance students’ civic readiness in preparation for their role as civic leaders. We foster creative, collaborative, and courageous public leaders by building the knowledge, habits, and skills needed to be thoughtful, engaged, and impactful members of a democratic society.

Our activities fall into three program areas – Civics, Citizenship & Sustainable Change

In practice, there are pillars to the program:


The one-stop shop for all of CMC’s voting needs and interests.

Student Connection

Connecting college students to local K-12 students to provide high-impact peer tutoring.

Kravis Lab Recruiters

Promoting student-led programs at K-lab focused on civics, citizenship, and sustainability, welcoming students for paid, volunteer, or internship roles.

Core Skills For Success

Community Impact

Social Innovation

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