Community Impact Research Fellowship

Maximize Social Impact for Education-based Organizations in New York City

Kravis Lab has developed a program model aimed at both providing our students with an unprecedented learning opportunity and at the same time making a truly substantive impact on the community. The program will have both a co-curricular component as well as a unique internship opportunity serving two target groups: CMC students and education based social impact organizations in New York City. Students are hired and matched with and work alongside leaders from social impact organizations as Community Impact Research Fellows (CIRF) over the academic year. Over the summer, CIRFs will have a guaranteed internship and funding to support their partner organizations to build financial and programmatic resilience, enhance strategic communications, and explore strategies to capitalize on collaboration opportunities.

This Fellowship has 3 phases.

Phase 1: Fall 2021 students will learn about impact evaluation and measurement and create a minimum of 3 deliverables. Students will be hired by KLab as research assistants for both Phase 1 and 2.

Phase 2: Spring 2022 students will take the impact data that was collected and learn storytelling frameworks to support the organization to fundraise, promote themselves and thought leaders and for advocacy. They will create a minimum of 3 deliverables.

Phase 3: Summer 2022 – Guaranteed summer internship in NYC with the same organizations to foster collaboration in programming, initiatives and/or advocacy. During this program, students will work 32-hours over 9 weeks for their social impact organizations and attend a weekly lesson led by KLab, Berger, other CMC institute leaders, and local stakeholders. Students will receive a stipend for the summer internship to live and work in NYC.

Applications for CIRA Fellows are posted on Handshake #5267583.
Deadline to submit is Sunday, Sept 12, 2021