Working our as-ana’s off and never slack-ing off in order to (google) drive our staff’s success!

Dini Mittal ’22, Student Manager

More About Dini

“I joined the KLab family in my first semester at CMC and I am so excited for yet another year of growth, experimentation, and learning – this time in a fully virtual setting! I am so motivated by the change-maker energy of this team and I’m really looking forward to to working across our program pillars as a student manager!”

Jordana Deighton ’22, CIRA Manager

More About Jordana

“I joined KLab a year ago as a Community Impact Research Assistant and I’m super excited to continue my journey through Kravis Lab by taking on the role of this year’s CIRA student manager! I’m overjoyed at the opportunity working online has given us to expand our impact globally. I’m looking forward to working with this year’s cohort of social mobilizers and their amazing partner organizations!”

Lesley Chavarria ’22, Student and Core Skills Manager

More About Lesley

“Working at Kravis Lab has been one of the most influential aspects of my CMC experience. I love being able to work with a staff that accepts me, challenges me, and encourages me to take risks. This year, I am excited to work with new students to help them grow as much as possible!”

Shanil Verjee ’21, Internship Manager

More About Shanil

“I have worked at Klab since my first year at CMC, and I am so excited for the new opportunities we will be able to offer students in my senior year! Nothing compares to the energy that is created when someone is so passionate about a social issue and wholeheartedly dedicates themselves to solving it – that’s the kind of energy that fuels Klab!”

Trinity Gabato ’22, Core Skills Manager

More About Trinity

“What makes me excited to work for Kravis Lab is the impact that the programs leave on students’ lives and the ways in which the programs really cater to helping the students succeed in life, whatever path they choose!”


Bilge Tayyar ’24, Events Coordinator

More About Bilge

“Here, we know that all our hard work has a greater aim of creating a positive impact in the world, and it excites me so much to know that I am working for my passion and with people who share similar passions.”

Alexis Gero ’23, Events Coordinator

More About Alexis

“This position excites me because of the opportunity to not only see these occasions through to their realization, but to be able to actively participate and guide the conversation.”


Adam Wilkinson ’22, Data Specialist

More About Adam

“After working as a Social Innovation Research Assistant and an Impact Evaluation Intern for Kravis Lab over the last three semesters, Adam is now the Lab’s Data Strategist. Working across the different student teams, he will primarily be focusing on organizing and streamlining data collection from past, current, and future events. He’s excited to help Kravis Lab pivot and use these challenging times to refine their purpose and mission. Beyond Kravis Lab, Adam spends most of his time studying Science Management and running for CMS’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams.”

Tori Johnson ’21, Impact Data Analyst

More About Tori

“Before coming to college, I didn’t know what entrepreneurship was…at all. Kravis Lab has shown me how an early idea can become an elevator pitch, then a business plan, then a startup, and eventually a full-blown social enterprise with the potential to drive change across the world. Seeing this snowball effect has made me start thinking much bigger about the impact that my work could have on others.”

ErisJames Elliott ’23, Assistant to the Data Team

More About Eris

“I started at Kravis Lab to help with one project, but loved the idea of joining the team and contributing to the work that they do. I hope to continue to work for Kravis Lab and further the many helpful ways which we support the students here at CMC.”


Lights, Camera, Action!

Abby Parrish ’23, Media and Marketing Team Lead

More About Abby

“I have the unique opportunity to keep the CMC community engaged at a time when we all feel the most disconnected.” 

Reilly Scott ’22, CMC Hacks

More About Reilly

“CMC Hacks is a gem of an institution, and I feel privileged to share that gem with the CMC community and beyond. In my spare time you can find me trying out the best brunch places and taking long, meandering walks. I’m excited to see what insight you all have to share with us, and to be the vehicle in which CMC becomes a better place for all!”

Aishat Jimoh ’23, Media Strategist 

More About Aishat

“I am so excited to promote thoughtful discourse and tell a story highlighting Kravis Lab through my own lens.”

Simran Arora ’21, CMC Hacks

More About Simran

“I’ve worn different hats in my years at Kravis Lab, and found my home with CMC Hacks! It is such a wholesome, wonderful initiative. When I’m not whining about my senior year being spent at home or my thesis, I spend my time cooking, painting, and going for walks. This has been a year of taking it slow and reflecting on the things that truly matter in life, and I’m thankful for that.” 

Zac Davis ’24, Media Strategist 

More About Zach

“The environment is a joyful experience and creates lifelong bonds.” 

Core Skills Mentors

Tactical Skills for Success

Lena Proctor ’21

More About Lena

“I believe that everybody holds superpowers within themselves; it is just a matter of trusting ones self and unleashing those powers.”

Milagros Romero ’22

More About Milagros

“As a mentor, I will be able to work with students on their journey of not only learning these skills, but also helping them find ways to implement them into their lives so they can pursue their interests.”

Tatiana Amaya ’23

More About Tatiana

“I am super excited to have the opportunity to partner with other centers, institutes, and classes to create inclusive and diverse community events. Being able to work with a variety of groups and individuals will allow me to expand the Kravis Lab’s impact outside of the Claremont community.”

Nick Ong ’22

More About Nick

“I think that we need people to step up, but the gap between now and leadership is daunting. Working with Kravis Lab as a mentor for people with potential is a great way for me to contribute to making that gap feel manageable. The opportunity to shape the core skills – leadership, creativity, and collaboration – and influences our social impact in our very own CMC students is an experience that I can really appreciate.”

Nayeli Gutierrez ’22

More About Nayeli

“The Core Skills for Success program pillar excites me because its main goal is to reveal and harness the true potential of students.”

Qiaoling Chen ’23

More About Qiaoling

“I am proactive about engaging co-mentors and Fellows in discussions and activities that will strengthen their skills to help them succeed in college and beyond.”

Community Impact Research Assistants 

M^3: Meet, Measure, Maximize

Rukmini Banerjee ’24

More About Rukmini

“I was able to figure out how to take control of my day when I realized it was my lack of purpose driving me down. I needed to find something I was truly passionate about on my own, that made me willingly want to get up and take action for myself. The first thing that really woke up my internal drive was the resurgence of the black lives matter movement. I was always passionate about social justice and advocating for racial equality.”

Claire Brady ’24

More About Claire

“I always feel very grounded when spending time outside, so being able to hike and bike outside over the last several months was a beautiful outlet.”

Jennifer Cuahutencos ’24

More About Jennifer

“I started reading, something I hadn’t done for self-enjoyment since elementary school. On multiple occasions, I began reading in the morning and pulled an all-nighter to finish the book because it was so captivating that I didn’t want to put it down. I made connections with the characters in the books, and with every book I read, I realized that I love to read when there is no external pressure to do so.”

Natalie Leung ’23

More About Natalie

“Over quarantine, I started to immerse myself in dance again. When living at home, I used to use dance as my expressive outlet; it made me feel in control, powerful, and allowed me to foster my creativity through improvisation.”

Yvonne Macias ’22

More About Yvonne

During the summer of 2019, I went to Uzbekistan to help launch and English-learning program at Urgench State University. This trip exposed me to such a wonderful and beautiful culture. One of my favorite dishes was plov. The students explained to me that this dish is meant to represent community and togetherness. I wanted to show my family this dish and explain to them the significance in Uzbeck culture. I cooked plov three times this summer. Every time I cooked and ate this dish with my family, I felt a sense of community and belonging. It helped me remember the importance of community during these times of quarantine and isolation. I connected with my family and valued the moments I shared and continue to share with them.”

Elizabeth Hernandez ’23

More About Elizabeth

“I am excited to work with nonprofits in the Inland Empire as it will improve my understanding of the nonprofit sector, and I can gain experience collaborating with other organizations.”

Scarlett Liu ’24

More About Scarlett

“From Beethoven to John Lennon, then to lots of Beyoncé and Travis Scott, I listen to music of all kinds. I turn on my LED string lights, put on the highest volume of any music I can find, and feel my heartbeat racing with the rhythms! Music contains so much emotion and history that it makes me feel less alone during quarantine!” 

Simrun Shroff ’24

More About Simrun

“Some activities that allowed me to come alive during quarantine period are bullet journaling, reading for fun, and reconnecting with friends in different time zones. Bullet journaling allowed me to reflect on my daily habits and create more productive ones. Additionally, I was able to express creativity through colorful designs in my journal.”

Sage Young ’21

More About Sage

“I’m on a mission to explore truth, and there is no better way of doing that than being a CIRA this year. The future is uncertainty, and so I look forward to acquiring frameworks and tools to better understand the connection between mission and impact.”

Osbaldo Ozuna ’24

More About Osbaldo

“Something that will always remind me of my times in quarantine are the amount of times I kept pricking my fingers while embroidering. I, by no means, call myself an artist, but I enjoy crafting basic depictions of my life. My most favorite piece was embroidering loteria cards, a card game popular in Mexican culture, onto a tote bag.”

Hannah Deng ’24

More About Hannah

“Although I am not a great artist, an activity that made me come alive was painting during COVID. I wasn’t necessarily trying to paint anything in specific but I really liked experimenting with different colors and strokes. It was also a rally fun activity I got to do to help bond with my foster family.”

Aaron Xie ’24

More About Aaron

“During lockdown, I learned a new programming language, tried out recipes from different cuisines, and picked up a whole lot of random facts about stars.”

Kaito Komoriya ’22

More About Kaito

“I have been unable to return home to my parents in Qatar because of travel restrictions. However, the great support system I have built in college has given me a ‘home away from home’ during this whole ordeal.”

Anya Syed ’23

More About Anya

“Although there were many changes due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, I was able to adapt and learn invaluable skills from writing workshops. I found sanity in writing and being able to express my thoughts, whether it be creatively or analytically.” 

Moonshot Fellows

Pioneers of Change

Evan Kim ’23

More About Evan

“As a Moonshot Fellow at Kravis Lab, I am determined to bridge the disparate inequalities that have historically prevented communities from realizing their full potential.”

Synaida Maiche ’22

More About Synaida

“I have been involved with Klab since freshman year. Through Klab, I have been exposed to and made connections with world changers and learned a lot from them. I am excited to be a Moonshot Fellow because I know the value has added to me.”

Dev Shah ’24

More About Dev

“The challenge of ideating and building a project from nothing excites me. What excites me most is the week-long bootcamp at the end, where I imagine I will be able to implement my project.”

Jeffrey Kim ’23

More About Jeffrey

“By combining all the benefits of a mentor with my own passions, I am thrilled at the idea of bringing to life a personal and refined product. I am confident that this experience with Kravis Lab will help hone my abilities to create real change within the world we live.”

Sabrina Zhou ’23

More About Sabrina

“The social innovation pillar excites me because it emphasizes the importance of actively having the mindset of a problem solver, to see the world through a critical lens and a goal to improve our current condition.”

William Galbreath ’23

More About William

“I love that the position description illustrates the award-winning social entrepreneur mentors as ‘disruptors’ because I believe being a contrarian is a quintessential characteristic of changemakers. I hope to gain guidance and knowledge from them about how I can become a disruptor in bringing reform for the environment, education, and gender issues.”

Greer Hoyem ’22

More About Greer

“I have always enjoyed dreaming up abstract solutions to seemingly mundane problems but have never felt as though I had an outlet for my ideas. I am looking for a sense of community and a safe space full of people who share my creative tendencies.”

Social Innovation

Elena Castellanos ’21, Makership Manager

More About Elena

“Innovation is a loaded term. For some, innovation solely focuses on the future. While for others, innovation is an invitation to iterate and build on present inventions and systems. I hope to use my humanities background to influence my understanding of design and social impact.”

Flor Canales ’22, Social Innovation Mentor

More About Flor

I joined Kravis Lab as a Freshman, and have been with Klab ever since! Klab is a place of growth, community, and innovation, and I look forward to work at Klab once again— this time with the Social Innovation team!

Allison Wu ’22, TA for Leading Social Innovation Class

More About Allison

I am a Junior at Pomona College and majoring in computer science. I play for PP’s Water Polo team, and I am originally from Burlingame, CA.  I have been pursuing a career in Product Management, which led me to take Leading Social Innovation. This course has allowed me to build on skills needed for my future career and introduced me to social entrepreneurship and how to use my skills to make a social impact.

Sunny Wang ’23, TA for Leading Social Innovation 

More About Sunny

My experience at Kravis Lab have enabled me to build skills and networks that are fundamental to my social entrepreneurial aspirations. Outside of KLab I love to fly drones and make travel videos for new cities and experiences. On campus I am also consultant for the Graphite Group and a tour guide!

Sascha Wolf-Sorokin ’22, Social Innovation Mentor

More About Sascha

I joined Klab my sophomore year and it has been such a defining aspect to my CMC experience. My favorite thing about Klab is that special atmosphere of being part of a passionate community filled with such unique ideas for creating lasting positive impact. I am excited about our new programming for a virtual world!