Our Impact

2018/19 Impact Report coming soon

How’d we do in 2017/2018?

Key Accomplishments

students in huddle

                    REVISIONED existing programs

                    LAUNCHED new programs

                    INCREASED participation

                    FORGED new partnerships

                    CREATED development trajectory for all programs

REVISIONED existing programs

Women’s Leadership Workshop – Making Her-Story: Changing the Narrative – Feb 23, 2017
81 7-C students and staff learned tools for authentic networking and effective negotiation, then applied and practiced the tools with CMC alum and Board members.

Team Retreat – Sept 29/30, 2017
32 student staff members from CARE, DoS and KLI learned practical tools to build courage, creativity and collaboration, specifically in areas of facilitation and event design and planning.

Sophomore Leadership Experience – Sept 8-10, 2017 Annual retreat in Malibu providing 93 sophomores the opportunity to take risks and build community. SLE became the foundation to which 3 additional class retreats emerged creating a 4-year student trajectory.

Social Innovation Challenge – Dec 1, 2017
37 students representing 12 teams competed to win $3000 for innovations in the Best Mobile Tech Platform, Best Service Provider and Best Product that could change the world. The 3 ideas that won $3000 each included Social Cipher, a virtual reality game for autistic children; Healthy Peaches, a mobile app for healthy sexual practices and security; and Terra Imperium, a revolutionary roofing tile that will reduce carbon emissions.

Leading Social Innovation Seminar – Course – Fall ’17 and Spring ’18
40 students (18 in Fall , 22 in spring) learned to ideate innovative solutions for social impact and write a competitive grant proposal. 20 award-winning social entrepreneurs (10 each semester) guest lectured. Co-taught by Scott Sherman and Gemma Bulos.

LAUNCHED new programs

Freshman Half – Jan 19-21, 2018
55 first year students attended the first annual class retreat in Mountain Springs, CA where they learned what makes people happy and practiced tools in resilience and time optimization. 10 upperclassmen co-facilitated. Led by Scott Sherman, Gemma Bulos and Tori Gaines (CMC ’14).

Women of Color Power and Purpose Forum – March 2/3, 2018
49 students and community members identified and refined their purpose and built skills to harness their unique power as WoC to manifest their goals. Led by WoC community leaders.

Dinner with World Changers Speaker Series – Fall 2017 and Spring 2018
Mondays throughout the Academic year, 175 students from the 5-Cs broke bread and engaged in meaningful conversation in an intimate dinner with award-winning social entrepreneurs. Attendance ranged from 15-56 per session and over 30% of the students attended more than 3 dinners.

LACI Makership – Spring 2018
10 students were selected in a highly competitive application process to participate in the first Makership, a partnership with The Hive at Pomona, LA Cleantech Incubator and Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Students learned design thinking with The Hive and how to build prototypes in hands-on workshops at the La Kretz Advanced Prototyping Center – including using laser cutters, 3-D printers and the electronics lab. On April 6, the students demo’ed their prototypes.

Student Moonshot House – May 14-20, 2017 (34 students) and May 13-19, 2018 (31 students)
Top students were nominated for the Innovative Solutions Fellowship to ideate a big, bold, audacious idea that would impact millions of lives. 7-9 multi-award winning social entrepreneurs (Shark Tank winners, Echoing Green Fellows, White House Fellows, etc) lived under the same roof leading workshops and mentoring students throughout the week. Winning student pitches received connections to other leading social innovators such as Mark Cuban of Shark Tank and Cheryl Dorsey, CEO Echoing Green.

International Moonshot House – August 2-16, 2018 (2 cohorts)
Two back to back week-long social entrepreneur trainings brought 2 cohorts of 25 emerging social entrepreneurs, 17 award-winning social entrepreneur mentors, and 10 promising student social entrepreneurs to learn the tools to take their idea from impact to systems change to Moonshot. Gemma Bulos and Scott Sherman facilitated with support from Echoing Green mentors.

WeThrive Social Entrepreneur Mentorship – AY 2017/18
4 CMC students worked with 15 middle and high school students from the Pomona Boys and Girls Club to help them build a social impact initiative. On April 21, the mentees hosted a Color Run to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues and encourage empathy and understanding in their community. 55 students and community members attended.

Chirpped ‘Eat Bugs’ Cooking Challenge -April 2-6, 2018
This student-designed 5 day campaign introduced insects as a sustainable source of protein. At the end of the week, students participated in a cook-off using cricket flour as a primary ingredient. Winners received cash prizes and all teams will have their recipes included in Six Foods’ insect cookbook. 19 students representing 8 teams participated.

Non-profit Quarterly Skills-building Workshops – AY 2017/18
Kravis Lab hosted 4 workshops with three main goals:
1) support community organizations to build financial and programmatic resilience,
2) enhance strategic communications, and
3) provide Board development strategies that strengthens and harnesses non-profit boards.

Through this initiative, Kravis Lab reached 101 students, 179 non-profit leaders representing 72 Inland Empire non-profits. Of the skills-building workshops offered, 20% of the organizations attended more than one workshop.

INCREASED participation

CORE Skills for Success programs reached 310 students

Social Innovation programs reached 305 students

Community Impact programs reached 101 students, 179 community members representing 72 non-profit organizations in the Inland Empire.

FORGED new partnerships


Women’s Leadership Workshop

  • Berger Institute of Work, Family and Children
  • Robert Day Scholars
  • Women’s Leadership Alliance

Women of Color Power and Purpose Forum

  • CARE Center
  • Behind the Veil Speaker Series with Slack Global
  • Berger Institute of Work, Family and Children


Dinner with World Changers Speaker Series and Moonshot House

  • Echoing Green

LACI Makership

  • CMC Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Los Angeles Clean tech Incubator
  • The Hive

WeThrive Social Entrepreneurship Training for Middle Schoolers

  • WeThrive

Chirrped ‘Eat Bugs” Cooking Challenge

  • Six Foods (Chirps)


How We Win: Strategies to Maximize Impact

  • Transformative Action Institute

How We Thrive: Strategies to Build Financial Resilience

  • Center for Non-profit Management

Kravis-de Roulet How We Rise: Strategies for Social Innovation

  • Echoing Green

How We Govern: Strategies to Maximize Impact

  • Slack Global

CREATED development trajectories for all programs

In addition to creating a 4 year trajectory for all students through the Core Skills for Success program, Kravis Lab integrated development trajectories in both the Community Impact and Social Innovation programs to ensure that those participating in our programs could have the support they needed to apply their new skills and affect change and social impact on campus, in our community and around the globe.


Vanessa Gill is a senior at CMC. She was nominated by Gemma Bulos to attend the Moonshot House 7-day retreat as aInnovative Solutions Fellow. During Moonshot week in May 2017, she developed her idea to build a virtual reality autism game to teach and prepare autistic children to identify social cues and navigate stimulants in their every day lives.  Since May, she has developed her idea through ongoing mentorship and guidance from Moonshot social entrepreneurs. She won $3000 in the KLI Social Innovation Challenge judged by independent innovators at LACI, and as a part of her award, we have connected her to other experts who can support the development of her idea. Before she graduated in 2018, she was named one of the top 10 finalist (out of 1000 applicants) in the National Geographic Chasing Genius Competition competing for $25,000. She was recently selected for the prestigious Halcyon Incubator in Washington, DC and will have an official product launch in 2019.