Community Impact Fellowship Program

Kravis Lab launched a new Community Impact Fellowship to work more deeply with select  Inland Empire organizations to track and measure their impact. This will culminate in the development of a robust strategy for impact evaluation for the organization and the design of an mid-year fundraising campaign.

This Fellowship opportunity will provide training, resources and student support to executive and support teams of the NPO/CBO to track how they are improving communities and frame a new impact narrative. This 2-pronged approach will build capacity of the select organizations in the following ways:

Executive level – Kravis Lab will work with executive leadership (1 member) to establish their unique expertise and to uplift their voices as thought-leaders in their respective sectors in the Inland Empire, regionally and nationwide. This Fellow will attend an additional workshop, How to Write to Change the World, offered by a multi-award winning organization that supports under-represented voices raise their visibilities and drive public discourse by writing compelling opeds.

Support level – Kravis Lab students with Kravis Lab support will engage with the programs arm of the organization (1-2 members) to review and analyze how they measure their program impact and help develop a more robust tracking and evaluation mechanism.

Kravis Lab is selecting nine IE NPO/CBOs and matching them with CMC students for this year-long Fellowship. The program will be activated in two phases.


In the Fall semester 2019, Fellows and students will attend the Tools for Research & Evaluation Design – Making the Case for Funding Workshop Series. Together, Fellows and students will learn several tools and apply them between workshops. Students will support the CBO/NPOs by doing the relevant research needed to execute the activities and assignments. The final work product will be the identification of the best tools the Fellows will need to design their fundraising strategy. Student deliverables will range from writing case studies, literature reviews, campaign development, and/or opeds, dependent upon the needs of their respective Fellow.

Meet Your Students and Fellowship Orientation

Workshop #1:Understanding Research and Evaluation Design – What Approaches are Right for Your Mission?

Workshop #2:How to Deploy the Model for Social Change – Designing Community Based Participatory Research Plans

Workshop #3:  – How to Use Secondary Data to Inform Your Research and Evaluation Plans

Workshop #4:  – How to Explain Evaluation to Funders – A Funders Panel and Poster Presentation on Research and Evaluation


In the Spring semester 2020, students will be matched with the Fellows to execute the action plan which will culminate in their fundraising strategy.

Fundraising Workshop # 1 – 

Impact Storytelling for Engagement, Influence and Fundraising – Effective storytelling tools to gain new supporters and increase donations.

Fundraising Workshop #2 – 

How to Harness Social Media – Fundraising on social media has become one of the best ways to gain new followers, raise visibility and increase your donations. But how do you choose which platform will meet your goals 0 whether it be fundraising, influencing, raising your thought leadership, this workshop will help you maximize your online presence.

Fundraising Workshop #3 – 

Putting It All Together: Fundraising Strategies – What are the key elements needed for a fundraising campaign?


Fellow representatives are expected to

  • Participate in 5-8 skills-building workshops at CMC
  • Engage with students to review and audit the organization’s impact tracking
  • Work with students to create a robust impact tracking mechanism
  • Meet bi-annually with Fellowship cohort to share best practices, network and explore collaborations

If selected, Executive leader must attend a thought leadership workshop called “Write To Change the World” with The OpEd Project.

Kravis Lab will sponsor the following:

  • All workshop registration fees
  • Student engagement costs
  • A nominal seed fund to implement the impact tracking strategy


  • Organization must be based in and working with constituents in the Inland Empire
  • Must be operating at least 3 years


This program is offered in partnership with Community Health Council and sponsored by a generous gift from the Lewis Family Fund.