Dream, Create, and Ready for Lift-off”

Class of 2019: January 25-27, 2019

Adulting is just a few months away….

The Senior Retreat is the finale in our 4-year program of teaching the Core Skills for Success. This will take place at Disneyland, and it focuses on real-world tools that everyone will need as they blast off from CMC. We will be presenting the essential knowledge for innovation and problem-solving. In a world of rapid disruption and technological transformation, the people who will be most successful are those who can adapt rapidly and be prepared to surf the waves of change. How do you deal with unexpected and unpredictable challenges? How do you come up with creative solutions to problems you could never have imagined? How can you successfully slam any curveballs thrown your way? This fun retreat at “the happiest place on earth” will be both engaging and enlightening, equipping seniors with two essential skills that are rarely taught in formal education. With a special opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how one of the most beloved, impactful and far reaching companies operates, problem solves and innovates!

WHEN: Depart campus at 1:30p and return to campus Sunday evening.
WHERE: Disneyland Hotel, Disneyland and California Adventure