• Recognizing Unconscious Bias and Helping Folks “Be More”
    December 6, 2018 Group picture with Anurag Gupta, CEO & Founder of Be More America In my house, you don’t question adults. You listen and you agree. I think that worked just fine for me because I didn’t like to ask a lot of questions anyway. But when we don’t ask questions, we don’t think. We aren’t wondering if there is something wrong or if there is something that can be improved. I didn’t question my mom until she started talking about things that I could do versus things that my brother could do. Tommy didn’t have to clean around the house. He was the boy. I couldn’t fix things because that’s a man’s job. But as Tommy cleaned his room and I fixed the constantly malfunctioning garage door, we collectively revealed [...]
  • “Weird Enough” to Make a Difference: Combating Media Misrepresentation one Cartoon at a Time
    November 22, 2018 Tony Weaver Jr., CEO of Weird Enough Productions, at explaining how he gets across his narrative. When Pixar Animation Studios released Coco last Thanksgiving break, my mother and I shared a heartwarming experience. We went to the movies like your average American family for the first time in nearly a decade. My mother moved to the United States in 1992 after meeting my father, who was visiting her town in Mexico. She was seventeen then. When asked to reflect on the last three decades in the United States, she recalls a few moments where she has felt represented in the United States media. Most representations play on negative stereotypes and depict Latino men and women as criminals and maids, respectively. A lot of the references made in Coco conveyed Mexican cultur [...]
  • A Journey told from End to Beginning: Lessons in Failure, Inspiration and Success
    November 8, 2018 Leonard Medlock, CEO of Playback Worldwide, ponders how to begin to tell his story. Kravis Lab hosted Leonard Medlock for the “Dinner with World Changers” series. The dinner brings students together to learn from some of the world’s most innovative social entrepreneurs. Leonard’s breadth of experience attracted a variety of students with different outlooks, majors, and interests which led to a robust conversation. Leonard prefaced the discussion by describing his life journey from the end to beginning. Through this, he was able to show student’s the hidden and crucial stories behind each of his achievements. Leonard is currently the Chief Executive Office of Playback Worldwide, a company that aims to produce better student-athletes b [...]
  • Personal Tragedy Spurs Revolution in the Pharmaceutical Field
    November 1, 2018 When I was thirteen, my father was in between jobs, and the transitional period affected my family’s health insurance coverage. During this period, I underwent a medical procedure and needed a few prescriptions to aid in my recovery. Without insurance, my medication totaled a couple hundred dollars, which was an unexpected expense for my family. We were almost forced to decide which, if any, of the medications, were absolutely necessary. This is a reality for many. Medications costs, especially for the uninsured, are through the roof. In some instances, families are pressured to find alternative and more affordable options, like counterfeit medication and degraded authentic drugs. Adebayo Alonge’s RxAll combats the black market for counterfeit and sub-stan [...]
  • Hacking it up with Zach Latta
    October 18, 2019 Zach Latta with CMC Professor Jeho Park and two local high school students. A mother walks into the living room to find her 6-year-old son disassembling her computer, with a genuine intention to figure out how it all works. At the age of 7, the boy created his first website, and at the age of 17, he was part of Forbes 30 Under 30. He made it to the list as the founder of Hack Club, a non-profit network of coding clubs that is currently in 2% of high schools across America. This is Zach Latta, an entrepreneur who figured out from a small age that, in his words, “the world around us is built by people like you and me”. Zach was Kravis Lab’s guest for the Dinner with World Changer Series hosted Thursday 10/11. While students, faculty, and guests, includ [...]

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