Core Skills for Success

Silhouette of student looking into the sunset.

Kravis Lab for Social Impact has identified 9 key skills that students will need to succeed in college and beyond. These are skills they may not learn in the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to learn, apply and master these skills throughout their college experience, which will prepare them to be responsible agents of change in their career and life.


Action Mindset: Courage to take risks and take action

Resilience: Courage to bounce back from failure

Time Optimization: Courage to do what really matters


Problem Solving: Creativity to solve complex problems

Innovation: Creativity to spark bold change

Transformative Communication: Creativity to engage and influence others


Empathy: Ability to understand others’ perspectives

Social and Emotional Learning: Ability to connect deeply with others and develop meaningful relationships

Teamwork: Ability to foster win/win solutions for all involved

4-Year Student Trajectory

Every year, CMC students have the opportunity to dive deeply into various skills and learn evidence based tools that will help them excel in each.

Freshman Half


Time Optimization 

Sophomore Leadership Experience


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Junior Accelerator


Social/Emotional Learning

Transformative Communication

Senior Lift Off