Summer Internships with Social Impact Start-ups in the U.S. and around the globe

Kravis Lab has limited funding to support students who would like to work alongside emerging social entrepreneurs and help launch their start-ups or scale their impact. It’s an incredible opportunity to be at the ground level of some of the most innovative organizations in the world!

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After Innocence provides assistance to people released from prison after serving time for crimes they did not commit. They do this work by phone with hundreds of exonerees across the country, and focus on ensuring they have the help they need to get and use the health care they are eligible for, and pro bono legal services. After Innocence is the nation’s largest service provider to this population.


#5863671 Communications Intern

#5863710 Program Manager

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Creative Reaction Lab’s mission is to educate, train, and challenge Black and Latinx youth to become leaders in designing healthy and racially equitable communities. They are challenging the belief that only adults with titles (e.g. mayors, CEOs, etc.) have the power and right to challenge racial and health inequities. However, they are conscious that young leaders and adults alike must collectively design a world centered in equity.


#5863933 Communications Associate

#5863737 Development Associate

#5863855 Learning and Education Associate

#5863892 Programs Associate

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Dharaksha itself breaks into “Dhara meaning Earth” & “Raksha meaning Saving” which translates to “Saving the World from Pollution”. They are a team of young and Innovative people, who are using the power of nature(biotechnology) and Financial modeling to tackle the problem of immense air pollution. They are action oriented individuals who are working tirelessly to undo the wrong doings of our previous generations by putting environment first and re-creating clean skies. To do this they have developed a Bio-Technology using which we are creating Bio-Degradable Packaging Material out of Crop Stubble Waste which was otherwise being burnt in a large quantum. At the same time, they are incentivizing farmers on the Waste they are producing.


#5853020 Environmental Life Cycle Analyst (LCA)

#5853087 Junior Research Associate (LCA)

#5853149 Market Research Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Drinkwell is an award-winning social enterprise that makes it easy for safe water providers to design, build, operate and maintain water infrastructure across Bangladesh & India. Drinkwell’s team of 70 full time employees are based in Dhaka and Kolkata who work as “One Drinkwell” to embed proprietary filtration technology with IoT-enabled monitoring systems within water infrastructure that enables the provision of 20 million liters of safe drinking water every month via more than 400 deployments in partnership with 41 forward-thinking public, private, and nongovernmental partners.


#5853251 Investor Relations Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Effective to Great Education (ETGE) is a revolutionary education technology research company focused on social emotional learning research based in Washington, DC. They do co-design and test their programs, tools, and technology using evidence-based practices with underserved schools that have a significant number of marginalized Black and Brown students. Based on their research and the effectiveness of their results within marginalized communities, they develop solutions to advance education equity and school community impact.


#5847462 Education Policy Research & Communications Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

FLIP is a digital freelance marketplace that aims to create trust, transparency and social safety nets in the $880 Billion African gig economy.  FLIP Africa, founded in 2019, is headquartered in Kampala, Uganda. It is the recipient of Tech Startup of the Year, Kampala Innovation Week (2020) and has been recognized amongst the Top 30 Startups in Africa by Yale Africa Startup Review (2021).


#5853314 Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Hago Energetics’ mission is to reverse climate change through technical means and create an abundant future for all. Their vision is multi-faceted, addressing the problem of global warming at different scales. They are focused at the outset on green hydrogen production in order to decarbonize hydrogen production.


#5847670 Research Associate

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Hello Future transforms refugee youth’s experience from alone, stuck and forgotten to connected and empowered through an innovative curriculum that focuses on essential 21st Century skills. Hello Future, preventing a lost generation.


#5847758 Social Media and Content Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Inclusive America is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that will help make the government as diverse as the people of the United States. Our mission is to track diversity and increase inclusion in the US government so that it can truly be “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  They plan on doing this by 1) tracking demographic information of all appointed positions listed in the Plum Book and 2) providing a list of qualified diverse candidates for each position.


#5847842 Graphic Designer

#5847952 Social Media Manager

#5848007 Earned Media Manager

#5848044 Research Associate

#5849627 Salesforce System Administrator

#5849733 Webmaster

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

LaWomen is a social enterprise providing free and paid legal services for women by women lawyers. To be as accessible as possible, their services are available in person and online.


#5849775 Social Media Marketing intern

#5850061 Fundraising & Proposal Writing Intern

#5850118 Graphic Design Intern

#5850271 Research Intern

#5850154 Intern for Content and Report Writing

#5849862 Web Development Intern

#5850139 Video Journalism Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Lectica’s nonprofit mission is to support robust learning by developing and delivering learning tools that support the development of the skills and concepts we all need to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Their aims are threefold: (1) to provide free high-quality, evidence-based developmental learning tools to individual K-12 educators, (2) to advance this work by offering related research and assessment services to clients in the private and public sectors, and (3) to build knowledge about learning and its role in the future of society.


#5863960 Development Coordinator

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Loop Closing’s mission is to transform food waste into a resource that solves environmental and equity problems by deploying an on-site composting service that saves clients money one dumpster at a time.


#5864021 Marketing, Sales, and Research Lead

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Low Carbon City is a citizen-led global movement building collective solutions to tackle climate change. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the UNFCC Paris Agreement, and the importance of cities and citizens in mitigating climate change, we created Low Carbon City in December 2015. We are promoting a global mobilization for the collective construction of low carbon and resilient cities. We are all part of the solution! We educate to generate behavioral changes and bring citizens closer to solutions in a multi-generational and multi-actor environment; we connect experts and citizens and all stakeholders; we create solutions together with communities, companies, governments, universities and the media; and we generate collective knowledge.


#5853393 Project Management, National and International Relations and Communications Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

NaTakallam (“We Speak” in Arabic) is an award-winning, social enterprise that delivers quality language-learning, translation, and cultural exchange services, by vetted and highly skilled refugees, displaced persons and their host communities worldwide.


#5850305 Recruitment & Community Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

OpenFn is a digital public good, used by governments and NGOs around the world to drive efficiency through data integration, interoperability, and automation. OpenFn helps governments and social-sector organizations automate key business processes and integrate critical systems, so they spend less time managing data and more time focusing on their work.


#5853459 Marketing & Communications Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

At Symbrosia, their mission is to deliver scalable marine biomass solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Their first product is a natural seaweed feed additive that reduces livestock methane emissions by 90% and makes animals more productive. The world’s 1 billion cows collectively cause 6% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by burping out massive quantities of methane, a greenhouse gas 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide.


#5853622 Business Strategy Fellow

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Tangible AI builds intelligent solutions for a better world. They empower nonprofits and social businesses to scale their impact with custom-build AI and chatbot projects, and incubate a portfolio of our own AI-based applications for social impact.


#5850363 Business Development Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

The Tapona Foundation (formerly Eggpreneur) builds young entrepreneurs to run sustainable businesses. Their mission is to inspire and unlock the full potential of ambitious entrepreneurs to economically transform their communities.


#5853699 Communication & Social Media Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

The Lab Fund works to create great returns for their investors by providing catalytic early-stage funding to promising startups founded by underrepresented minority entrepreneurs, starting with MIT alumni.


#5854007 Chief of Staff

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

The Toothpick Project focuses on food security through a game-changing innovation – one of the first commercialized bioherbicides in the world. They are tackling Striga witchweed, a parasitic weed that depletes crop yield by 20-100%. It is considered the worst pest threat to food security in Africa, and as they look at the food system more broadly, we are considering the climate crisis, sustainable economic development, women’s empowerment, and nutrition. Their successes in fighting Africa’s worst weed have drawn the attention of the US agriculture industry (particularly the organic industry).


#5850398 International Development Intern

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

True Moringa (Forbes 30 Under 30, Best of Indie Beauty Expo, Best of NY NOW) is a natural beauty brand setting a new standard for ethical sourcing in the industry. They work directly with 5000 small farming families throughout Ghana to cultivate and create 100% vegan plant based products powered by cold-pressed moringa oil. They have planted over two million moringa trees to combat deforestation and malnutrition. They believe that clean beauty should be effective, affordable, and accessible to all, and they are building a diverse team that lives those shared values of integrity, excellence, and reliability to help them scale profitability.


#5854077 Marketing & Design Fellow

Org Info and Internship Opportunity

Unchained Stories is a social impact production company and media consulting firm that is creating a more just world through the power of stories. We are storytellers and advocates with deep expertise in creating films and multimedia content that changes narratives to dismantle unjust systems.


#5850442 Business Development and Marketing Intern


#5863671 Communications Intern, After Innocence

#5863710 Program Manager, After Innocence

#5863933 Communications Associate, Creative Reaction Lab

#5863737 Development Associate, Creative Reaction Lab

#5863855 Learning and Education Associate, Creative Reaction Lab

#5863892 Programs Associate, Creative Reaction Lab

#5853020 Environmental Life Cycle Analyst (LCA), Dharaksha Ecosolutions

#5853087 Junior Research Associate (LCA), Dharaksha Ecosolutions

#5853149 Market Research Intern, Dharaksha Ecosolutions

#5853251 Investor Relations Intern, Drinkwell

#5847462 Education Policy Research & Communications Intern, Effective to Great Education

#5853314 Intern, FLIP Africa Ltd

#5847670 Research Associate, Hago Energetics

#5847758 Social Media and Content Intern, Hello Future

#5847842 Graphic Designer, Inclusive America

#5847952 Social Media Manager, Inclusive America

#5848007 Earned Media Manager, Inclusive America

#5848044 Research Associate, Inclusive America

#5849627 Salesforce System Administrator, Inclusive America

#5849733 Webmaster, Inclusive America

#5849775 Social Media Marketing intern, LaWomen

#5850061 Fundraising & Proposal Writing Intern, LaWomen

#5850118 Graphic Design Intern, LaWomen

#5850271 Research Intern, LaWomen

#5850154 Intern for Content and Report Writing, LaWomen

#5849862 Web Development Intern, LaWomen

#5850139 Video Journalism Intern, LaWomen

#5863960 Development Coordinator, Lectica

#5864021 Marketing, Sales, and Research Lead, Loop Closing

#5853393 Project Management, National and International Relations and Communications Intern, Low Carbon City

#5850305 Recruitment & Community Intern, NaTakallam

#5853459 Marketing & Communications Intern, Open Function

#5853622 Business Strategy Fellow, Symbrosia

#5850363 Business Development Intern, Tangible AI

#5853699 Communication & Social Media Intern, Tapona Foundation

#5854007 Chief of Staff, The Lab Fund

#5850398 International Development Intern, The Toothpick Project

#5854077 Marketing & Design Fellow, True Moringa

#5850442 Business Development and Marketing Intern, Unchained Stories LLC